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agros sesame snaps plain [box]

Each Sesame Seed Snap is hard and brittle, and takes quite a bit of bite to bite one. It's nice to have the rigid feel of one side of the wafer and the smoothness of the underside when you bite into one. The texture of the thousands of sesame seeds encrusted with hardened glucose syrup on your tongue is very appealing. They taste a bit like peanut, brittle with the peanut replaced with hundreds of sesame seeds.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free

Weight : 24x30g

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Sesame Snaps and Barley Cup made by Agros in Poland, nominated for the best confectionery by The Vegetarian Society. They are a great energy giving snack! Available in various flavours and pack sizes. try chocolate covered, with coconut or plain!

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