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cafe direct 5065 instant coffee
The collapse of the International Coffee Agreement in 1989 sent market prices plunging, putting the lives of millions of smallholder farmers around the world in jeopardy. In response, three coffee growing communities - in Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico - each shipped a single container of coffee, loaned on trust, to the UK. The beans were roasted and sold through church halls, charity shops and at local events. Since then Caf‚ Direct have been pioneers in ethical business - they began trading three years before the Fairtrade Foundation mark was first used in the UK and were the first coffee brand to carry the mark. Cafedirect Fairtrade Classic Instant is blended from high quality beans from Latin America and Africa, and is a premium instant coffee, meant to be savoured.
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Fair Trade

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Cafe Direct

Café Direct is the UK’s largest Fairtrade hot drinks company, selling a range of freeze-dried and filter coffees, as well as tea and hot chocolate. All Café Direct products are Fair Trade, guaranteeing a fair and stable price to the 40 producer groups from 14 different countries that the company works with. At Café Direct, the mission is to change lives and build communities through inspirational, sustainable business. They focus thir business on the developing world.

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