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citron slices (so2 + sugar)
The citron is a fragrant fruit with the botanical name Citrus medica, which applies to both the Swingle and Tanaka systems. It is a prominent member in the genus Citrus, belonging to the Rutaceae or Rue family, sub-family Aurantioideae. The designation Medica is apparently derived from the similar ancient names Media, Median Apple etc. which were influenced by Theophrastus, who believed the citron was native to Media, Persia or Assyria. The citron has many similar names in diverse languages, e.g. cederat, cedro, etc. Most confusing are the Czech, French, Dutch, German, Yiddish and Scandinavian languages, in which the false friend citron" refers to the fruit which is called lemon in English. The French name for citron is "cedrat"."
  • Vegan

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