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dr karg tomato/mozzarella crispbread
The main focus lies on outstanding product quality. Such a high level can only be achieved with qualified and motivated staff The brand Dr Karg is worldwide well-known for its crispbread with its extraordinary delicious taste. Dr Karg offers a wide product range for a broad target group in the conventional food trade as well as in the food trade specialised in organic food worldwide. ORGANIC Tomato Mozzarella. A new flavour: Organic Tomato Mozzarella. Be enchanted by tasty tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and Proven‡al herbs. Ingredients: wholegrain wheat flour*, mozzarella* (7 %), Emmental cheese*, tomato flakes* (6 %), linseeds* (5%), sesame seeds* (3%), sea salt, yeast, barley malt extract*, Proven‡al herbs* (*=organic ingredients);
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Weight : 8 x 200g
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