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standard energy saving light bulb - bayonet fitting - B22
  • The new Energy Saving Light Bulbs (15W) giving out the equivalent light of a 75W bulb but using just 20% of the electricity.
  • Saves over £80 on your electricity bill
  • Normal bulbs are three times more expensive over their lifetime than eco bulbs - see (Technical Section below)
  • Gives off much less energy wasting heat so doesn't melt your lamp shade like a normal bulb can do.

    Lifetime : Average 10000 hours.  Saves you buying 13 normal bulbs, lasting an average 750 hours each

    Attachment :
    Screw In (please check before ordering)

    Energy saving tip : Turn off lights when leaving a room.
    Myth : Turning lights off and on uses more electricity than leaving them on.
    Turning them off and on uses less than a fraction of a second of electricity. 

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Further Details

Total Cost of Lighting
13 x 60W Normal Bulbs :- Buy : £2.60 & Lifetime Running Cost : £68.10 = £70.70
1 x 15W Eco Bulb :-            Buy : £1.99 & Lifetime Running Cost : £17.02 = £19.01

10000 hours of typical usage
Average UK Consumer of 3300kWh / year
One 15W eco light bulb lasts as long as 13 x 60W normal bulbs

Conclusion : Switch to eco light bulbs for much cheaper running costs. Change all the household lights and save yourself a lot of money

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