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imagine oat dream - original
Rice dream is a milky drink made from rice. It is similar in consistency to skimmed milk and can be used as a milk alternative if you choose to. Being rice, this drink is easy to digest and contains hardly any fat, which is ideal if you are trying to maintain low cholesterol levels. Rice milk is a tasty drink on its own. Rice is a naturally sweet grain and thanks to the way it has been processed, Rice Dream with Calcium has a subtle pleasant sweetness. You can use rice milk in the same way you would use milk. Unlike soya milk, rice dream mixes well and tastes good with hot cup of English Tea. You could also pour it over your breakfast cereal, make iced coffee and use in cake or batter recipes. Ensure you shake the carton well before use. Keeps fresh in the fridge for up to 7 days. Rice Dream is not suitable for infant formula.
  • Vegan

Quantity : 12 x 1l
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