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percol columbia decaff coffee
Tasting notes: A rich aroma with a hint of nuts. Complex flavours creating a smooth full-bodied coffee with attractive citrus notes on the finish. It tastes so good you'd never know it's decaf Strength Guide: 3 Adventure in Colombia: To enjoy your trek in the Andes you need to be sure footed and sure to carry a comprehensive survival kit. The weather up here is very different from when you stepped off the plane. Out of breath already? Those were just the foothills. You've a long way to climb yet before you can hear the Condor's cry and observe the mighty Magdalena river flowing below you in eerie silence. This landscape is sparse but beautiful in its own way - like a good decaf. With everything taken away it's a very different type of understated beauty that will greet the coffee adventurer, but memorable nonetheless; especially if you meet a mountain tapir en route. Temperatures drop below 5 degrees at night though so remember to bring a warm sleeping bag! Decaffeination Process This
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Fair Trade

Weight : 8 x 227g
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