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percol columbian coffee

As you approach Bogota from 30,000ft up you'll notice that Colombia sits at the gateway to South America. Colombia is a land of extremes; from Cartagena to Bogota the coffee adventurer will experience a real diversity of culture and beauty. For a start, it has opposing Atlantic and Pacific coasts - and it seems like the weather regularly tries to empty these two oceans over the rainforests. Which must be good for the plants (and arabica coffee) - Colombia has over 130,000 species, including Victoria Amazonica - a giant water lily with pads that can support the weight of anything from a poisoned dart frog to a small child. Bogota is fast and elegant, a heady mix of futuristic architecture, colonial style, and hot-blooded everything. This is the capital of coffee and it runs in the veins of the people. Bogotanians are not renowned for their quality of sleep so you might not get chance to unpack your pyjamas! Awards: Great Taste Awards 2008 - Gold 3 Stars Great Taste Awards 2006 - Silver

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Fair Trade

Weight : 8 x 227g

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