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percol italiano coffee
A romantic weekend in Italy begins with coffee. From Rome to Verona, Italians wake up to the hum of espresso machines, the chat and chink of coffee cups. Morning espresso is drunk standing - hot, strong and fast. Get the hit and get going. Chat-up lines, lines of scooters, lines of washing, Italy hangs out around coffee bars. Italians don't play by any rules - they enjoy their own high-octane lifestyle. The best way to catch the rhythm of Italian life is over the crema of an aromatic espresso. Choose a comfortable spot in one of old Rome's elegant piazzas or grab a front-row seat amongst the contemporary set of Milan. But don't stop at espresso; go for a latte or a cappuccino (but never after 11am, that's just so not done). Awards: Great Taste Awards - Gold 2 Star
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Fair Trade
  • Organic

Weight : 8 x 227g
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