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provamel apple and green tea yofu
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Organic

Weight : 6 x 500g
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Provamel are the non-GMO, organic soya bean experts. They provide such products as soya milk, non-dairy drinks, desserts & tofu (protein rich meat replacement derived from soya)

They only use organic soya beans since they are a more sustainable form of agriculture - better for small farmers.  Organic means that the food is grown in naturally fertile land rather than land dosed in a cocktail of chemicals dreamt up in a laboratory. Their soya beans are non-GMO and are fully traceable back to origin.

Soya is :
     •  Naturally low in saturated fat
     •  Naturally high in plant based protein
     •  Has other benefits that make it naturally good for you

For the planet :-
     •  Animal based products create five times more CO2 per litre than soya milk
     •  Meat production generates 10 times more per kilo than tofu.

So basically, five times as many people can be fed from a hectare of land where soya is grown than one used for animal protein production.

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