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salus haus floravital formula (yf)
Iron is an essential dietary factor. Floravital contains organic iron II gluconate, which is a form of iron easily absorbed by the body, together with a carefully considered combination of B vitamins and vitamin C, which together promote growth and maintain health and fitness. Floravital can be particularly beneficial to women (including expectant and lactating mothers), girls, growing children and adolescents, the elderly and convalescents and those regularly taking part in active sports. Pleasant tasting, due to the use of pure herbal extracts and an exquisite blend of fruit juices, Floravital is a delicious liquid iron formula that can be enjoyed by anyone whose diet may be lacking in natural iron and vitamins. Ingredients: Aqueous extract from: Hibiscus calyces, camomile flowers, fennel, spinach. Mixture of fruit concentrates of: Red grapes, pears, blackcurrants, cherries, blackberries, carrots. Iron II (ferrous) gluconate, rosehip extract (containing 4% vitamin C), vitamin C (asco
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free

Weight : 250 g
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