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sunnyvale mixed grain bread
Sprouted grain bread is higher in fibre and protein than any other bread, whilst it is lower in calories, and virtually fat and salt free. It is ideal for people looking for a low fat, energy food, as it provides sustained energy using complex carbohydrates - ideal for the sports enthusiast. It is also ideal for an increasing number of people with special dietary needs as it contains no ingredients other than Organic Wheat and filtered water - no flour, yeast, fats, sugar, sweeteners, eggs, salt or dairy products. Sunnyvale Organic Sprouted Wheat breads have been known to be eaten by those on Wheat Free, and Gluten Free diets as well. But perhaps most remarkably, despite its healthy ingredients, it is delicious too!
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Organic

Weight : 400 g
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