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sunnyvale stem ginger cake
Organic stem ginger cake made using fresh stoneground flour, no eggs and no artificial preservatives. At the turn of the century, small farmers found that rich volcanic soil on the humid slopes of Queensland's Buderim Mountain produces a mild, golden ginger. Using only stems ( rhizomes ) from the four week first growth, Sunnyvale bake a ginger cake with freshly milled organic wholemeal flour and sunflower oil. As your cake's rich flavour and consistency is achieved naturally without eggs, dairy fats or added sugar, it is suitable for vegans and others with special dietary needs. Ingredients: Organic apple juice (31.74%), stem ginger (24.19%) organic wholewheat flour, filtered water, organic sunflower oil (7.10%), organic soya flour, raising agent, sodium bicarbonate, sea salt.
  • Vegan
  • Organic

Weight : 380 g
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