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taifun grill sausages
Europe's favourite tofu sausages. For frying and barbecues. The fine spicy pepper taste is not just something for tofu barbecue fans. Tip: Because the tofu sausages contain very little fat, it is best to brush them with oil before and during grilling to prevent them drying out. Ingredients Tofu Grill sausages; Tofu 80% (water, *soyabeans, coagulating agents: nigari, calcium sulfate), *sunflower oil, *oatmeal, vegetable broth (sea salt, yeast extract, *potato starch, *leek, *carrots, *sunflower oil, *nutmeg, *parsley, *celery), *pepper, *coriander, *garlic, *ginger, *nutmeg, *mace, *oregano, *parsley. *organically grown ingredients (DE-012-™kokontrollstelle) AGRECO
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